Mu UK Chargers

Stylish and compact, the Mu UK Charger range consists of three UK folding USB chargers.

As part of the Mu Charger range, these products utilise Made in Mind’s innovative and patented PVT technology that allows a standard UK plug to be reduced by over 70% in size.

For high-quality performance, all our Mu chargers have an embedded auto-detect chip enabling the charger to identify the device being connected and, in turn, deliver device-optimum charge.

Classic – Our original 1amp USB folding smartphone charger

Duo – Double the power of the Classic with 2 x 1.2A USB ports

Tablet – Our most powerful charger in the range with a bumper 2.4A, perfect for tablets!


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International Bundles

The Mu System is a must-have for any frequent traveller. The design suits all lifestyles – it’s small, light, and the components are easy to switch between. The Mu System consists of two parts: a power block with USB connector and separate plug attachments that are suitable for every socket type worldwide. Specifically:

The Brit – pocket-sized and portable, this plug will reduce your overall UK plug size by over 70%. Say goodbye to bulky UK chargers!

The American – pocket-sized with fold-away pins, the streamlined design plugs flat against the socket and is the perfect travel companion.

The European – portable, with a 90 degree rotation , this plug head enables you to charge the products you love with a stylish twist.


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